By Jörg / Dragon productions

Rock Hard Festival, Friday, early afternoon. I wanted to go backstage and saw our friend hurrying out of that area, on the way to whatever.

I yelled 'BIDI' and he turned around, smiled big time and came back and we hugged heavily. I told him 'let's talk later' and he said 'yeah', we have the whole weekend left'. But we didn’t. 10 seconds only, but happy 10 seconds!

The overall sadness on Saturday was huge, all of 'us' felt it permanently al over the place. Bidi stayed in the same Hotel where I was with my wife as well. But we partied long on Friday and didn't make it to breakfast. It seems that he left us when we got out of bed… Nevertheless I was somehow under the impression, that Bidi was still there, all the time. Of course he was still alive in our hearts. And still is! But at a certain point I told my wife, that I know that he is still around us and yelling at us 'hey, all cool, party on and don'’t worry, I'm there where Lemmy is'... and I heard him laughing the way the Bidi-way!

And that's how I will always remember him. I met him very early with the Devil's Blood, the first time in Lübeck. We had contact before and he came to me, knowing who I am... no idea why. And all in all I might have only met him maybe 7-8 times. And spoke to him on the phone maybe a dozen times. But every moment with him was special and intense. Yeah, he was talking a lot, but he always was so full of energy and life, that I wanna believe that he squeezed at least one full lifetime in his not even 48 years. I remember a looong afternoon and evening with him at Fortarock, watching Slayer and Maiden together... I'll always treasure those moments!

With the experiences that I made in my life (and there is nothing religious at all) I have a certain bit more than 'I want to believe'... not even knowing what it is, but there is another dimension. I know he was there. And I still have moments where I hear him pushing me to contact one of his bands… he'll always do that!

If I'd have my own festival, I would call the newcomer stage after him! ;)

All the best